Would You Get Drunk with Dave Grohl? Charlie Lehmann Did.

Roots Podcast is an interview channel that dives into the personal stories of those in the hospitality industry - whether it be in the restaurant, or out in the field.

Elijah-Jazz, Chef de Partie at Yellow in Potts Point, also talks to those in the media as they look back on where it all started for them. It is a retrospective look on the passion, ambition and drive involved in a competitive industry. 

Launched on Saturday, August 29, join Elijah and Charlie Lehmann – owner of Ramblin’ Rascals and Double Deuce – as they chat about what it took to open the two venues…and the time Charlie got drunk with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters.
Would You Get Drunk with Dave Grohl? Charlie Lehmann Did.
Charlie grew up in the heart of Sydney, along with his two best mates and co-owners behind two of Sydney’s highly-awarded venues. Long before all of the fame, Charlie was finishing his Sociology and Politics degree and working on the side.

Eventually, he began working for the likes of Zeta Bar and The Baxter Inn, where he learnt how to manage busy bars and create an entertaining atmosphere. This led to the bravado between his mates to start Ramblin’ Rascal; but it wasn’t without turmoil and a lot of funny stories in between.

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