Why Young Aussies Should Have a Staycation

By Leigh O'Connor.  

Why Young Aussies Should Have a Staycation

The A in Australia stands for adventure and with so much on their doorstep, young Australians could be choosing to holiday at home, relishing in the diverse and richly cultural attractions which abound in a land girt by sea.

With endless natural wonders to discover, travellers may opt for a staycation this year, realising their most Insta-worthy pics are right in their own backyard.

The bonus of a domestic trip is no jet lag, heavy luggage, exchange rates or strange languages to master - G’day mate will do just fine. Being familiar with the language and way of life leads to a relaxing appreciation of this country’s landscape and history.

People from all over the globe travel Down Under to see the sun set on the great Red Rock, snorkel the Barrier Reef or explore the Blue Mountains – all destinations Australians often take for granted.Why Young Aussies Should Have a Staycation

From bush to beach, travellers can indulge their wanderlust visiting the 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road or enjoy the sweeping views of Mount Gambier, all part of the amazing range of landmarks every Aussie should see in their lifetime.

Best of all, long weekend trips to a new city don’t use too much annual leave and can be combined with public holidays to conserve even more. Get friends together and explore a new destination, trying out restaurants and shopping up a storm.

Another option for young Aussies is to take a tour with Topdeck Travel, where they will meet many overseas backpackers and have the chance to educate them on Kylie, Barnsey and Acca Dacca. As fellow travellers, they will create their own stories and memories of a wide red land.

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