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Toby's Estate Helps Singles Meet Their Perfect (Coffee) Match

Heads up coffee lovers! Single-origin coffees are as diverse as the dating pool but how do you find the coffee for you?
Let Toby’s Estate help you find your perfect match. With around three-quarters of Aussies drinking at least one cup of coffee a day and some even indulging in three or more, it’s safe to say our one true love is coffee - but which one?!

To celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) on Thursday, February 15 – the official ‘unofficial’ day to celebrate being single notably the day after Valentine's Day, Toby’s Estate is here to help in several ways. 

Firstly, there are the Singles Awareness Day free tastings helping you find your perfect coffee match, with speed dating around Toby’s latest single-origin coffees. Be sure to register online first, then bring your friends with you. 
Toby's Estate Helps Singles Meet Their Perfect (Coffee) Match

They have also created a fun new online quiz and prize giveaway. To play simply head to Toby's Estate between February 13 and March 1 and answer a few questions. Once you’ve completed the game and found your match for your perfect single-origin coffee, you’ll receive a 25% discount code for all your favourite single-origin coffees and blends. Once redeemed you’ll then automatically be in the running to win a $500 gift card to spend at Luxury Escapes* (Luxury Escapes T&Cs apply).


Originating in Sydney’s artistic streets of Woolloomooloo from grungy beginnings only armed with mum's garage, a beat up coffee roaster and passion on tap, the team set out on a wild adventure of business and coffee discovery; not concerned with the frills of it all, but just that they were consistently consistent in roasting the tastiest coffee they could while treating all the people in their world like family. 

Now, like then, Toby’s Estate is a merry band of more than 100 misfits, more passionate than ever and still honouring that founding spirit. 

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