Tips for Melbourne Cup 2010

Hats Off to Melbourne Cup Carnival

With Melbourne Cup 2010 around the corner, people are starting to make hefty decisions on dresses, hats, suits, shoes and anything else considered fashionable. This year, like every year, we look forward to an endless parade of colourful frocks donned by a mix of the fashion conscious and not so inspired.

Fashion in the Field

The day is traditionally about the horses but fashion is at the forefront. Though there is no strict dress code for general admission tickets, don’t be fooled by this. Part of the glamour is the fun of dressing up and though the guys won’t admit it, this is one time of the year where male primping is completely acceptable, even encouraged –especially by their leading ladies.

Melbourne Cup hats are extravagantly decorated pieces sporting feathers, beads, jewels and other embellishments and can be seen adorning the heads of many female race-goers. Traditionally, the bigger and more embellished the hat, the better. However, recent trend has seen smaller pieces such as pillboxes trimmed with netting and fascinators gracing the perfectly manicured lawns.

A Day at the Races

This year will see the 150th running of the Melbourne Cup, which promises to be bigger and splashier then ever. Over the years Melbourne Cup has seen more than its fair share of legends. Some of the fastest thoroughbred horses in the world have raced at Flemington Racecourse including Makybe Diva who won for three consecutive years, from 2003 and 2005.

Other notable winners are Think Big, Rain Lover, Peter Pan and Archer. Last but not least, who could forget the legendary Phar Lap, Australia’s most famous racehorse, whose achievements captured the public’s imagination during the early years of the Great Depression.

Tips for Melbourne Cup

Melbourne is the city of “4 seasons in one day” so being prepared for the event in rain or shine, is a given. It might be sunny and warm when you leave the house for the track but it may turn cloudy and cold. For ladies, hats have been known to fly away in the wind so make sure you secure these hats and avoid anything flimsy.

Same goes for dresses. Rest assured that if the worst does happen, and it starts to pour, you can find solace in the fact that everyone else will likely be drenched as well.

Sage Advice on Racetrack Fashion

Drink sensibly. This is an opportune time to remind ourselves that the combination of sun and alcohol will dehydrate you faster than usual. Remember to sober up with water every now then, the rule of thumb being one glass of water for every standard drink serving.

Wear sunscreen, especially if you’re wearing an outfit which exposes skin.

Though this event can skirt the fine line between comfort and vanity, fashion should let you breathe and give you confidence to enjoy the day. Opt for something which looks great yet is comfortable. If you do opt for the sexy stiletto option, there may be comfortable, sleek slippers available for sale onsite -if your feet really need a break- though buyer beware, it’s while supplies last.