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Explore a World of Olive Flavours The Olive Planet

We head to the local market as part of our routine, keen to discover new tastes and fresh produce. The Olive Planet is award winning and presents the new face of olives in the online marketplace, distributing olives from the Cabarlah QLD region and top brands from all over the country.

Representing a world of flavour, The Olive Planet showcases an online galaxy of olive oriented products in their gallery – all available for purchase. Rash Valley, Homeleigh Grove, Lowanna’s Paddock, Cobram Estate, and Golden Creek are just a few of the high quality brands hand picked by The Olive Planet.

The Olive Planet

Savoury olive tapenade pastes are available in black olive and dried tomato flavours. A seasoned mixture of sweet kalamata pate spread awaits you, while sugar lovers will delight in the thick constitution of preserved olive jam.

Because olives go well when served alongside spicy dips, their selection of Egyptian inspired dukkah couldn’t be anymore enticing. But yet it is. You’ll find unique Australian flavours such as hazelnut, macadamia & lemon myrtle, jackeroo blend, cashew Middle Eastern za’atar spice mixture with bush tomato, and Tasmanian bush blend with mountain pepper-berries.

Gourmet vinegars and dressings include balsamic, garlic and honey with extra virgin olive oil.

The Olive Planet

High Quality Olive Oil and Australian Olives

Everyone loves to cook with olive oil and nutritionists maintain its incredible health benefits. The Olive Planet has done their homework and offer you the best of delicate, medium and robust olive oils around.

Handy tips from the trade… every household should have different types of Extra Virgin to allow for an array of applications in your kitchen from baking to poaching to salads and more. Once you receive your olive oil purchase, don’t forget to keep it out of the light and consume while in its prime. For more variety, check out The Olive Planet’s infused Olive Oil – up to 8 amazing flavours.

Available marinated olives include honey, balsamic and garlic black; with a mildly tart acidic flavour they’re a tasty treat on their own and tantalizing on top of salads. There are naturally brined, salt cured and pitted olives for you to order. Look for green marinated olives with special flavour combinations such as chilli and garlic or lemon and rosemary.