Learn to bake for Mum with BakeClass by Anneka Manning

“Baking is love made edible.” - Anneka Manning.

Learn to bake for Mum with BakeClass by Anneka Manning

Have you ever been intimidated by the prospect of the techniques needed for baking? Feel anxiety rise when a recipe calls for a dense layer of skillfully executed steps to reach the finished product of a simple muffin. But fear not, there is an answer! For those out there kneading a hand in the basics of baking, Anneka Manning has you covered.

Growing up on her parent’s farm in southern New South Wales, Anneka was accustomed to tough life on the land – nothing here was sugar coated. She would help her mother out by doing the cooking in the kitchen and became obsessed with cookbooks from the age of seven. She would spend hours in the kitchen making scones and cakes to take to the shearers for their “smoko” and made the country women’s association a cinnamon tea cake every Sunday, a particular favourite of her father’s.

Anneka admits that she understands baking can frighten some people, describing the familiar feeling of it being like a daunting puzzle they can’t decode. This cookbook differs from most in the way that it follows a unique lesson sequence that builds your skill levels and confidence first, before giving you an indulgent recipe to practice with to complete the lesson. The best part is, the lesson finishes with a delicious reward! There is even a chapter devoted specifically to setting up your baker’s pantry so you can begin on the right foot every time you open to a new page.

Anneka takes the reader through a 10 lesson guide, meticulously describing each step needed to end up with a perfect product. Starting at the measure and mix method going right through to the kneading method, hands are guided by Anneka’s words of wisdom and experience. Give your hand a go with the lessons here, or take some time to continue reading through this charming cookbook and get to know Anneka a little better.

Caramelised Apple and Hazelnut Puddings, p. 144.

Lesson One:

The measure and mix method, learn this through these delicious Pecan and Cinnamon Oat Biscuits.

Lesson Five:

The creaming method, best learnt via these Caramelised Apple and Hazelnut Puddings.

Lesson Eight:

The whisking egg whites and sugar method.This stage is commonly the barrier in front of more Pavlovas being enjoyed around Australia. Learn it with this fluffy Chocolate Soufflé Pudding.

This cookbook makes a perfect gift for anyone about to step into the kitchen for the first time, and even those already adept at baking their family’s favourite sweet treat. Each page is captivating, with brightly lit photography and mouth-watering recipes that are sure to be a hit. Increase your skill set, share tasty morsels with your family and friends and most of all, enjoy the experience.

By Freya Ensbey with edits by Annabel Rainsford.