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January Highlights of a Home Cook

By Laura Rancie.
Our KITCHENS by Opinel vertical officially launched in December and we are so happy to offer a way to bridge the home cook with Hatted Chefs. Welcome to edition one of our KITCHENS end-of-month highlights. 

It does beg the question though, priding myself to be the home cook that I am, how was it that until I turned 41 I had not yet tried an air-fryer? Yes, it may shock people! Full disclosure – I also do not own a Thermomix, or a rice cooker. 

What I do have though are my glorious, shiny and very heavy Mauviel French copper pots. An entire set of them was purchased as an indulgence many years back. I promised each one of them I would never replace them with shinier, younger versions of kitchen appliances and I plan to stick to that promise till death do us part. 
January Highlights of a Home Cook

However, I may have strayed slightly earlier in the month when offered the chance to test out the brand-new Philips 7000 Series Air Fryer XXXL; full story here. I also commenced on a sourdough journey where through a tornado and floods, I started an actual starter - which got mouldy and I was then rescued by the super tightknit Sourdough Bakers Australia Facebook community. 
January Highlights of a Home Cook

Talking about community, there is none quite as tight as a school community and as kids headed back to school we caught up with ex-Bachelor contestant Tim Robbards for his tips on what he packs in his daughter’s lunchbox. Clue - bananas are key!

While families were busily planning their school routes and packing lunchboxes, we were about to announce the 2024 Chef Hat awards – the event went off with excitement and exhilaration as we celebrated the best restaurants in Australia.
Meanwhile, The Rise of the Mini Chef in Australia was a common thread we had been talking about. How these incredible Chefs we now admire, respect and spend weeks in anticipation as we excitedly make dinner reservations for just a bite of their food - all starts with little people in the kitchen. Think Darren Haunold, from 18-Hatted Wills Domain Winery who dreamed big from the start, or Danielle Alvarez who grew up with strong maternal influences in the kitchen. 
January Highlights of a Home Cook

Finally, our first competition of the year is in full swing and it is INCREDIBLE!! Our friends at Opinel have organised a Meet the Chef experience for your Mini-Chef. Calling children all across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore who aspire to get into hospitality, this is the contest for you - enter here for your chance to meet a Chef in real life + a full dining experience for the whole family + a $1000 Opinel Mini-Chef Pro Pack.

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