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Fun NYE Finger Foods

Welcome in the New Year with these delicious bites below. Fill up on bruschetta-inspired tapas, hot bites from under the grill, some favourite fried snacks and a sweet finish bursting with flavour. 

Asparagus and Crushed Peas on Toast:

A healthy snack and a great way to fill stomachs with some sustenance before consuming alcohol, set out a plate of asparagus bruschetta and be sure to keep a backup plate ready for when they run out.

Fun NYE Finger Foods


A great accompaniment to a glass of wine, pop a handful of arancini balls in a bowl as you pour the first round of drinks.

Grape and Prosciutto Crostini:

Set out another round of bruschetta on the table as things start kicking off with this light and tasty creative take on the original snack.

Fun NYE Finger Foods

Tofu Japanese Skewers:

Help out the vegetarian friends among us and whip up these meatless skewers. Throw them on the barbeque or toast them under the grill.

Fun NYE Finger Foods

Cauliflower Fritters:

This recipe is a budget-friendly way to keep a crowd satiated through the night. These also make a great last-minute option if you run out of food; just keep a cauliflower or two in the fridge.

Fun NYE Finger Foods

Peruvian Anticuchos:

Spice things up a little as the night carries on with these chilli chicken skewers, and keep the hungry spice lovers at bay.

Chocolate Dipped Mandarins:

These tasty little treats burst with sweet juice as you bite into them, and then coat the palate with smooth chocolate. What a great way to enjoy the last night of the year.

Fun NYE Finger Foods

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Popcorn:

Just in case sitting back and relaxing is more your thing, munch on this popcorn during the fireworks display and pack up individual boxes for the kids to enjoy.

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