Enchanting India with Beacon Holidays

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Enchanting India with Beacon Holidays

There are many faces to India with different religious beliefs and endless phenomenal places to visit, it truly is a remarkable country. Where every 50 kilometres you travel, the food, language, backdrop and the people change ever so slightly. So, when you travel from the North to the South or East to the West be forewarned you will have life changing experiences.

Travelling to a country like India with a local is absolutely fascinating, it gives you an insight into the lives of how everyday people live. It's nothing like you've seen on television. Yes, there are aspects of the country where you witness poverty, but there are also aspects like the amazing history and architecture that you just look at in awe.

Imagine visiting the home of an upper middle-class family and interacting with doctors, accountants and business owners, submerging yourself within their daily routine from morning prayers to home cooked meals and million dollar deals somewhere in between. It's you’re not so average everyday Indian insight, whether it be a morning visit to the Taj Mahal or an afternoon village life experience.

While the Taj Mahal is on most tourists’ bucket lists, places like Leh and Ladakh in the North offer spectacular views and the tea plantations of the East and spice plantations of the South give off amazing fragrances, while the more adventurous can head to central India to experience a close up encounter of a wild kind, on a Tiger safari.

Beacon Holidays' commitment to you is to offer unique cultural, culinary and local experiences whilst partaking in any one of their tailored made programs especially for you.

Enchanting India with Beacon Holidays

Join Himanshi Munshaw Luhar on her personally hosted tours to India. An Indian born Australian with over 20 years in the tourism industry and a fascination for cultures, Himanshi offers you a local experience with the safety of the knowledge that she will be there with you as you visit small markets, people's homes, all the major sights and so much more than you can ever imagine.

Himanshi explains that Enchanting India is her signature North India tour covering the markets of Delhi, the love story of the Taj Mahal, the royal experiences of Rajasthan and the local experiences of Mumbai.

"We’ll visit historic sites, we’ll take photos at the Taj Mahal, we’ll visit cultural epicentres, we’ll eat delicious food, we’ll learn how to cook it, we’ll meet princes and princesses, we’ll meet the hip and happening, and we’ll meet the local craftsmen and women. At the end we'll visit my home and meet my big fat Indian family,” says Himanshi.

While Southern Serenity is a journey through a different India. The royal palace of Mysore, the out of this world experience of the most amazing views of Wayanad, the serenity of the drifting houseboat, the flavours and scents of the spice plantations and the Portuguese city of Cochin. You'll be able to learn about the ancient art of Ayurveda or even take a traditional yoga class.

"Be awed by the lights of the palace, the beauty of the hills of Kerala, and disconnect from the world on a houseboat. Pick your own spices and open your senses to the smells, sounds and flavours of Southern Serenity. I want to show you my India, it’s truly enchanting... So, come and join me," says Himanshi. 

View the video of Enchanting India with Himanshi here.

So, what are you waiting for? If not now, when? Pack your bags today and take the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a select few who can bring home with them so much more than just holiday happy snaps.

Beacon Holidays also offer exclusive travel experiences to Sri Lanka, Africa, The Middle East, South East Asia, South America and Fiji. 
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