El Bulli - Shutting Its Doors For 2 Years

El Bulli - Shutting Its Doors For 2 YearsContinually voted the world's best restaurant in recent years, it has been announced that El Bulli will close for two years as Chef Ferran Adria wishes to escape a 15-hour day workload.

The restaurant will be closed in 2012 and 2013 according to the highly regarded Spanish chef however it is likely to return after the break.

Adria told a shocked audience in Madrid Fusion about the closing of the restaurant claiming, 'No meals will be served at El Bulli in 2012 and 2013.' He said, 'With a format like the current one it is impossible to keep creating...it is clear that when we return things won't be the same. But El Bulli is not closing down. These are not two years on sabbatical.' Every year El Bulli is closed for six months for Adria to come up with new delights to entice his customers. This method seems to work with yearly sell-outs within a day and international recognition. It can be assumed that a two year break for the restaurant will see a return of innovative, cutting edge cuisine.