Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

Addicted to scrolling and need more content to liven your newsfeeds? If you haven’t already heard of these popular Instagrams, grab your phone and get following these beautiful baking accounts!


#prettyandpopular Followers: 1.2 mill

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

From Norwegian baking Queen and Author, Manuela Kjeilen, Passion for Baking IG account comes to life in a series of pastel colours and counts a whopping 1.2 million followers to date.


#sprinklesgalore Followers: 293k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

An account dedicated purely to Sprinkles’ cupcakes. Aw yeah.


#styleonpoint Followers: 151k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

This trendy, London based teenager has caught the attention of ‘grammers everywhere. Check out her charming account with meringues, cakes and cookies and the occasional salad or two, but you can just skip over those, right?


#flawlessfondant Followers: 90k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

Did someone say wedding inspo? Beautifully decorated cakes, intricate patterns and seamlessly blended icing colours will leave you wondering how someone could possibly be so patient.


#deepfriedgoodness Followers: 58k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

If you haven’t yet been to New York, this IG will likely leave you bitten by the travel bug and once there, you can, in turn, take a bite of one of these incredible doughnuts. (Or two. Or three. You get it.)


#onlygoodthings Followers: 52k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

You will find all sorts of deliciousness on this account and should inspiration strike, head over to Sally’s blog for nom-worthy recipes, cookbooks and more.


#suaveandsleek Followers: 50k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

The creations belonging to Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio in Victoria’s South Yarra are now on display for the rest of the world through their mouth-watering IG account – get down to Melbourne!


#youthfuladventures Followers: 82k

Eight Awesome Instagram Bakers!

This chick is certainly a go-getter and all the more reason to love her! Follow her culinary journeying from the home farm and around the world.