Cooking for Dummies

Simple Tips to Make Cooking Super Easy

So many people, both male and female, tell me that they don’t know how to cook so today we are going to go over the most basic tips to get you cooking up a storm. It’s time for all you non-cooks to step up and learn the ways of the kitchen. I think the best thing you can do as a parent or grandparent, is to teach your children how to cook. This way they may eventually leave home one day. Remember we all have to start somewhere, so here are some simple tips to get you more confident in the kitchen. You may even find you even enjoy it.

Cooking for Dummies

1) Start with simple recipes that take little time or effort to make and follow the recipe as closely as you can to avoid mistakes. Don’t guess anything.

2) Get all the ingredients out onto the kitchen bench before you start cooking. This way you know you have everything you need.

3) If you are going to use an oven then remember it has to be pre-heated before you put the food in. To pre-heat, you turn the oven to the temperature required for the recipe you are making and a light will come on. When this light goes off, this means the oven has reached the correct temperature and you can then place the food in to be cooked. Never put food into a cold oven.

4) Don’t walk away from the kitchen to call a friend or busy yourself in another way. Keep close to the frypan and pots so you don’t burn, boil dry or overcook the food.

5) Having a sharp knife will help make slicing meat quicker and easier. Just keep your eye on what you are doing as a quick slip of a sharp knife could mean a trip to the hospital.

6) Never turn your steak, chops, chicken or burgers more than once. Continually turning the meat will make it dry and hard.

7) Hygiene is important when cooking so use separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables and remember to wash your hands before you start cooking.

8) If you’re making pastry or mixing with your hands wear thin rubber gloves to avoid food getting under your nails and into your rings.

9) If you use evaporated light milk, sour cream, yoghurt or milk in your sauce don’t over boil it as it can separate.

10) Learning how to time everything to be ready at the same time comes with practice so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not a master at it straight away.

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Cooking for Dummies

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