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Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski Gets Electrified in Noosa this Winter

 One of the first-ever Expos of its kind in Australia, the Noosa EV & Electrify Everything Expo is not just for auto aficionados anymore, it's expanded to food.  

For the first time in its history, the popular event  - on June 16, from 9 am to 1 pm, at Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction - is igniting interest with an electrifying twist, showcasing the best in induction cooking, with local Sunshine Coast Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski signing on to demonstrate his culinary prowess using eco-friendly induction cooktops. 
In response to the skyrocketing cost of living expenses, the 2024 Expo has expanded to offer insights into electrifying homes and businesses. 
Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski Gets Electrified in Noosa this Winter
Attendees will discover the latest in EVs and hybrids alongside cutting-edge solutions for saving money and energy, from solar-powered innovations to energy-efficient appliances. 
Matt, a recent convert to sustainable living at the Pomona family home, will share his experience of switching from gas to induction cooking, powered by his own solar and battery system. 
"After 34 years of professional cooking with gas, I've embraced induction and never looked back – I'm now in control of my power, and it feels great!" he says. "Induction cooking is not only healthier but better for the environment, it makes sense.”  
He's eager to guide others through the advantages of induction cooking and how it pairs perfectly with solar power for cost and energy efficiency. 
This year's Expo will feature three intimate cooking sessions with Matt at the Noosa Culinary Academy. 
Each session is limited to 20 lucky participants, so hurry to secure your spot for this exclusive, free opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s finest Chefs. 

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