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Book Review: Hemsley & Hemsley

“Food should be good for you, it should be delicious and nutritious, and it should be simple and sustainable.” ~~Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley.

Book Review: Hemsley & Hemsley

It will be hard to beat their international best seller The Art of Eating Wellpublished in 2014, but the Hemsley sisters have out done themselves with their latest addition Good + Simple. The sisters didn’t just create a ‘cookbook’ but more a bible for a lifestyle makeover, with gentle guiding to be the healthiest version of the person you want to be. Good + Simple’sdetailed meal prepping, planning and cooking free's up your time and allows for more healthy choices at home, work and even while travelling.

Book Review: Hemsley & Hemsley

Green Goddess Noodle Salad.

“Our motto is ‘good food, good mood, good digestion, good health!’ and we are always telling our clients to ‘get with your gut’ because gut health translates to overall health.” ~~Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley.

Good + Simple is a colourful, bold and all-encompassing guide, displaying the Hemsley’s trademark photography and embodies the principle philosophy outlined in their back to basics nutrition. Sidestepping all refined sugars and processed foods, and instead focusing on sourcing whole foods, vegetables, good quality meat, fish, legumes and pseudo cereals to make tasty, nutritious cooking not only easy and accessible, but to be affordable as well.

Wake up your taste buds in the morning with a hearty soul hugging plate of Huevous Rancheros with guacamole, which is packed with dark leafy green spinach, coriander, red peppers and avocado along with garlic and cayenne pepper.

Book Review: Hemsley & Hemsley

Huevos Rancheros.

Bringing out the inner green goddess in anyone is a salad named just that, brimming with buckwheat noodles, broccoli florets, cucumbers, pak choi, fennel, avocado, watercress, fresh herbs and a handful of activated nuts, tied together with a freshly made sesame, ginger and lime dressing. This is a perfectly simple recipe to put together on a Sunday night and if there are left overs, it makes a healthy on the go salad for work the next day.

Move over breakfast because avocado has found a new home in desserts – making that frosting uber healthy is a lashing of avocado, cocoa, honey with vanilla and orange extract cascading over a sponge made on cannellini beans, a must for your next party.

Book Review: Hemsley & Hemsley

Cannellini Vanilla Sponge Cake.

“As you kick start this new way of eating, things will take a little longer initially, but you’ll very quickly get the hang of it; you’ll soon feel the difference and find you’ve made positive changes to last a lifetime.” ~~Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley.

The sisters are bringing back the pleasures of simple cooking and sharing of meals with this all-encompassing health guide by making new healthy options accessible to everyone everyday.

By Kirsten Kruck. Recipes and images extracted from Good + Simple by Hemsley + Hemsley (imprint). RRP $55, available now.

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