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Australia's Favourite Summer Fruit - the Strawberry

With the return of the warmer weather, strawberries are in full bloom and the highlight of any picnic.

Known for their vibrant red hue and unparalleled sweetness, strawberries have become a symbol of Summertime bliss. The star of the Summer, let's take a moment for the return of the extra-sweet and extra-tasty Sweetest Batch Strawberries by Australian berry brand, Driscoll's
Australia's Favourite Summer Fruit - the Strawberry

Grown in various regions across the country, Australian strawberries benefit from the nation's diverse climates, resulting in a prolonged strawberry season that typically spans from Spring to Autumn. The combination of ample sunlight, fertile soils and skilled cultivation practices contributes to the exceptional quality and flavour.

What sets Australian strawberries apart is not just their taste but also their commitment to sustainable farming practices. Many strawberry farmers in Australia prioritise environmentally friendly methods, including integrated pest management and water conservation, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. This dedication to sustainability not only preserves the natural beauty of the Australian landscape but also guarantees a healthier product for consumers.
Australia's Favourite Summer Fruit - the Strawberry

Tasmanian-grown, Driscoll’s Zara variety of sweet strawberries has been naturally bred through tried-and-true cross-pollination techniques ensuring a consistently superior fruit. Growing this extra-special strawberry takes extra special care. Sweetest Batch Strawberries have been developed by an expert team including agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists to achieve a premium berry with a flavour that is second to none.  

As Driscoll puts it: "It’s a team effort between Mother Nature and our agronomists, breeders, analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists.”
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