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ART + Gallery Sets to Open Merging Great Food with Art

Among Sydney’s existing and incredibly rich art scene, lies the opening of a gallery this month with a unique twist and nod to merging great food with an arts experience. 

The new space called ART + Gallery, located in Potts Point, will showcase pop art, sculpture and photography from local and international artists but the gallery goes seamlessly a step beyond as it integrates art with food and experiential elements. The team behind the new venture, is none other than restaurateur of three Sydney institutions, Andrew Becher (from Franca, Parla and Armorica) and fine art specialist Jay Lyon. 
ART+ Gallery will host monthly residencies with local and international artists including Terry O’Neill, Helmut Newton, Douglas Kirkland, Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol, all included in the opening show. Fashion photographer Riocam’s residence starts at the end of March.
ART + Gallery Sets to Open Merging Great Food with Art

Speaking of the abundance of talent throughout Australia, co-owner Jay says: "ART+ Gallery will offer a place for clients to immerse themselves in that talent. Many of the artists we work with are exclusive to ART+ Gallery and we are equally excited to exhibit the work of high-profile artists, as well as showcase emerging artists who are quickly making their mark internationally.”

Jay knows what he’s talking about, as the world traveller has lived in some of the most incredibly diverse cities including Tokyo, London, New York and Paris. He continues: "Andrew and I look forward to bringing that cultural experience - where art meets dining seamlessly - to Potts Point with the restaurant teams at Franca and Parlar.”

The pair noticed a trend of restaurants in the respective locations partnering with galleries and artists globally to create distinctive and dynamic experiences for art enthusiasts. The esteemed venues they refer to are prime examples of seamlessly integrating travel, dining, art and experiential elements. These establishments provide a blueprint for the diverse cultural programs the team aims to offer at ART+ Gallery. 

Two of Andrew’s venues, Franca and Parlar will cater the events at ART+ Gallery, headed by Executive Chef of both, Jose Saulog. 

For any further info including opening times and how to get there, visit HERE or see their instagram HERE

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