Feeding the Mind, Body & Spirit

Annette’s Advice to All Mums Out There

Mother's Day is a special day when hopefully all mums get spoilt and enjoy a day with their family. I have three girls and remember when my first daughter was born. Like most first time mums, I had little idea of what was ahead - did any one of us new mums ever know how many hats we would have to wear in this role?

A mum needs to be a counsellor, chef, taxi driver, entertainment manager, nurse and teacher, to name but a few responsibilities. Most women run households, raise kids and some hold down a job but what I worry about is that so many mums look after everyone but themselves. So here are some tips for all the busy mums out there and anyone else who never has a spare moment in their day.

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Health Tips for Busy Mothers

The first and most important tip is to without a doubt honour yourself by taking charge of your health. Your body is like a machine and needs to be maintained properly in mind, body and spirit.

Eating poorly will make you feel sluggish and tired, leaving you with no energy. Eating the right way will give you vitality and a feeling of wellness. Getting interested in low-fat cooking and being smart about what you put into that gorgeous mouth of yours is a good start. Ask yourself next time you eat - will this food nurture or hinder my energy levels?

Feeding the Mind, Body & Spirit

My next tip is to exercise at least 4 times a week. Exercising gives a better quality of life now and as you age and is a great stress releaser. If you’re saying you don't have time for exercise, well I say can you afford not to make time for exercise? When you're healthy and fit, life seems so much easier and you also set a good example for your children.

Take Care of NUMBER 1 - That's You!

Next, please prioritise yourself and be number 1 because if you aren't looking after yourself properly how can you look after others. If you feel resentment often then it could be because you are giving to everyone but yourself. This doesn’t mean you’re selfish but more that you are being smart, as you’re no good to yourself or others if you have no energy and are continually feeling unwell.

My final tip is to learn the word 'NO' and use it often. Women are meant to be the nurturers, but this doesn't mean we are slaves; so learn to delegate and make everyone, no matter what age, responsible for jobs around the house. Sharing household chores means you will have more time to exercise and cook healthy meals, and more importantly, you may even find some extra time for yourself.

Try your hand at this Rasperry, Oat and White Chocolate Loaf. One of Annette’s personal favourites, it's her gift to you - Happy Mother's Day!

Feeding the Mind, Body & Spirit