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A Titan Holds Court

By Joseph Steele.

Nestled along the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast, an exceptional dining event is unfolding. In a rare opportunity marking a remarkable moment for Australian dining, The Langham Gold Coast is playing host to culinary titan, Michelin-starred Chef, Tony Su.

Hailing from T’ang Court Gold Coast’s acclaimed sister venue, T’ang Court Shanghai, Chef Su will be the Chef in residence from February 24 to March 1, hosting an exclusive series of events dubbed ‘An Evening with Tony Su’. With a career spanning more than three decades, Chef Su has cultivated a culinary vision deeply rooted in the notion of exploring the essence of regional culinary traditions.

A Titan Holds Court


Bringing his ethos and philosophical approach to cuisine, Chef Su invites guests to explore the depths of authentic Cantonese cuisine, through an 8-course degustation menu, meticulously crafted by the Chef himself. The event's exclusive menu is an elegant display of Cantonese flavours ingeniously intertwined with the finest Australian ingredients. Highlighting seasonal delicacies from the region, Chef Su brings forth dishes that are a testament to his mastery and innovative spirit.

A standout creation is the shredded duck and fish maw soup with chrysanthemum and dried tangerine peel, an interpretation of a centuries-old dish - delicate in flavour, with the subtle scent of chrysanthemum and tangerine peel lifting the silky duck to a new level of divinity.


A Titan Holds Court

The menu also features luxurious combinations like pillowy soft A5 Wagyu beef with black truffle and mushrooms, crispy fried scallops crowned with caviar and succulent toothfish, each dish embodying the harmony between T’ang Court’s storied tradition and contemporary culinary techniques.

Let’s not look past the wines. Complementing Chef Su's exquisite creations, Gary Petzer, the celebrated Sommelier of The Langham, Gold Coast, curated an optional wine pairing. His selection, lauded for clinching 2 Glasses at the 2023 Australian Wine List Awards, was designed to enhance the unique flavour profiles of the Cantonese cuisine, offering diners a complete sensory experience.

A Titan Holds Court


The dining ambience at T’ang Court paralleled the excellence of the cuisine. Adorned with bespoke abstract artworks by Australian-Chinese artist Lindy Lee, the restaurant's decor paid homage to the golden age of China's T’ang Dynasty. The fusion of high-end furnishings and contemporary design elements created an environment that was both culturally immersive and distinctly modern, setting the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey.

This is a rare opportunity to experience, not only the exceptional skills of Chef Su and the team at T’ang Court, but to truly dive head-first into the often-misjudged cuisine that is Cantonese. For our readers on the Gold Coast, don’t miss out on this incredible experience, secure your table here.

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