A Revelation: Visit Perth

Australia's best kept secret and the West Coast's leading film event has nearly descended upon us. Perth's Revelation International Film festival is dedicated to contemporary independent film (not your average Hollywood) and has been bringing the best of independent film to Australian shores for 17 years. So what better reason do you have to visit Perth other than the great food and wine? Well from July 3 -13 they also have film.

If you aren't yet convinced watch the below video, Finding Vivian Maier, a truly beautiful story of the discovery of a nanny's secret passion well after her death. Vivian's self-portrait is this years artwork and truly highlights the meaning of "Revelation." You can see the full Australian premiere at the festival. If you need somewhere to stay, head over here for the best deals in the country.

[video src="Finding Vivian Maier - Official Movie Trailer.mp4"]