A Mouth-Watering Mezze

There is so much to discover and love about Middle Eastern food, it is difficult to decide on only a handful of dishes to showcase. Find a variety below to inspire you, and be sure to have a go at making them in your own kitchen before enjoying the experience with others. Drawing on culinary influences across countries and continents, these dishes are best shared with friends in a communal dining style, where fond memories can be made together.

A Mouth-Watering Mezze

1. Grilled Haloumi with Pomegranate and Sumac Dressing– Chef Recipe by Shane Delia

A dish one would likely see throughout Lebanon, be sure to savour grilled haloumi with this tantalising dressing.

2. Kibbeh

It wouldn’t be a mezze without some nibbles like kibbeh! Give this recipe a crack and then spice it up as you wish thereafter.

3. Moroccan Lamb Pizza

Top this with some fresh mint, mango and crunchy pine nuts and this shy little side dish becomes a shining star among your mezze plates.

4. Smoked Lamb Forequarter– Chef Recipe by Attila Yilmaz as featured in Food Safari Fire by Maeve O’Meara

Some more lamb to enjoy while gorging on a seemingly endless table of drool-worthy dishes. This recipe is of Turkish inspiration.

5. Turkish Tabouleh

No mezze can be without tabouleh! Go one above buying it pre-made in the shops and craft it from fresh ingredients at home.

6. Chicken Tagine with Couscous– Chef Recipe by Renee Thompson

This Moroccan inspired dish is delicately spiced and a winning dish at any time of the year. Make it for a crowd, or save it for a cosy at home meal enjoyed with just the close family.

7. Chermoula, Tomato and Fish Tagine– Chef Recipe by Jennifer Joyce

If you mastered the chicken tagine hands down with no troubles, have a go at this next recipe for chermoula, tomato and fish tagine to test your skills.

8. Braised Lamb with Saltbush and Rockmelon– Chef Recipe by Shane Delia

If you prefer your meats slow cooked to a divine, flavoursome finish, then this is the recipe for you.

9. Chocolate and Pistachio M’hencha– Chef Recipe by Shane Delia

This curious dessert is a fusion of Moroccan and French cuisine as is often seen in Marrakesh. It’s certainly worth a try if you love delicate pastry and dark chocolate; and is a great way to finish off a feast.

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