A COVID-19 business success story: $1087.80 in under 24hours with the doors shut!

How some restaurants are keeping the money flowing in.

A COVID-19 business success story: $1087.80 in under 24hours with the doors shut!This is the success story of Restaurant Owner Kylie Wood.

Kylie is the proprietor of BKA VEGAN in Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Kylie had closed the doors on her restaurant, adhering to Federal Government Corona Virus directives.

With no obvious way of sustaining her business, Kylie was certain she would lose her business.

But today Kylie has hope.

In the past 24 hours, Kylie has filled 59 online- orders totally $1087.80! That’s over $1000 on her first day of being closed to the public.

In just a few hours Kylie pivoted her business and is now focusing her efforts on servicing customers directly through online order and her own app.

"To bring you up to date on your success story.

Wednesday collection orders closed last night at 5pm with 52 items ordered totalling $870.80.  We also have pre-orders coming in already for Friday collection 9 in total at a value of $217.00 so we’re up over $1,000 for the first day of being closed to the public”.

Kylie used WOWAPPS to create a menu and an app in minutes and now has a direct channel to service and talk to her customers.

The WOWAPPS platform gives you to COMMISSION-FREE online ordering and even lets you build your very own app for customer convenience.

In these hard times, few restaurants can afford to pay 30-35% commissions. Often you will just be working to line the pockets of big multinationals?

WOWAPPS is an all-Australian tech company and can provide your customers the safety and convenience of online ordering from your website and social media.

The DIY platform allows you to upload a menu and start taking COMMISSION-FREE orders in just minutes. With your menu built, you automatically have access to links to put on your website, your socials, anywhere that your customers will be looking.

BKA VEGAN is just one restaurant continuing to trade through these tough times with the help of online ordering. Thousands of others are doing the same in an attempt to keep their businesses afloat. Revenues may not be what they used to be but there may still be light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now, in an attempt to assist Australian businesses in their time of need WOWAPPS is giving away unrestricted access to their entire platform for FREE for 30 days.

Do not delay, set your business up with online ordering today at no charge and get customers buying for from you safely!