Priority Feature Listing

Priority Feature Listing

Are you looking to promote your establishment to a wider audience and drive more customers to your door?

Feature listings give your establishment vital added appeal and increased online exposure motivating more customers to your doors. Examples of Feature listings below:

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Restaurant Accommodation Winery Bar Attraction
I would like to thank you firstly for the customer service you provide me by keeping me informed of opportunities and for inviting Brothers to be part of this website as it is truly value for money and the benefits just keep coming through...
Katie Laws, Marketing & Events Manager, Brothers Leagues Club, Ipswich, QLD
Over the past year I have made a point of asking all NEW customers where they heard about Brown Sugar. Approx 60% of customers interviewed said they found us on the AGFG website...
Saraphee Paranort, Owner, Brown Sugar Thai, Lygon Street, East Brunswick, VIC
...AGFG (priority feature listing) is worth every cent of investment...Complimented by excellent and personal customer service AGFG would be the last item I would cut in my marketing budget!...
Helen Edwards, The Lane Vineyard , Hahndorf, SA

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Priority Listing Features

Features Basic Priority Feature
Establishment/Business Name
Contact details (Address & Phone)
Facility options
Trading Times
User account that allows you to update your listing 24/7
Priority display over free listings in Search Results
Rotating site-wide promotion (including Home Page)
Custom Feature Profile for your business
Comprehensive editorial (up to 5000 words)
Link to your website
Email or booking enquiry form
PDF Downloads eg. Menu
Photo gallery of up to 9 images
Video Gallery
Interactive map for visitor assistance
Special & event promotion
Targeted e-mail promotion of specials and events
All Priority Features accessible through AGFG apps
Customer reviews sent directly to your e-mail

Mobile Apps

AGFG Mobile

The release of the AGFG iphone app means readers are able to access all the features of priority listings from their mobile phones including: photos; maps; descriptive editorial; and news & events.

Priority Feature Listings also benefit from our Direct Marketing efforts. Special offers and coming events of Priority Feature Listings are advertised on the AGFG website and are also directly e-mailed to AGFG members within your local area as part of our weekly News and Event updates.

Order a Priority Feature Listing on the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide website for only $AUD$110.00* per month and enjoy all these benefits now.

Payment Options

Payment Frequency Setup Fee
(Includes GST)
Total Cost
(Includes GST)
Monthly $440 $110 / Month
Annually (3 X Monthly Payments) $440 $440 / Month X 3 Months
Annually (Single Payment) $440 $1,320

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