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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am not able to log in as a member?

If you have already registered as a member but have forgotten your password, use the forgot password facility on the signup page. If you do not receive an email with your login details, please contact us.

Who reads the Australian Good Food Guide?

People around Australia are using AGFG as their main source of restaurant, accommodation and travel information. The Australian Good Food Guide targets individuals with high disposable incomes and a desire for quality products. Constantly seeking the most from life and at the forefront of trends and style, our readers invest heavily in updating and enhancing their lifestyles.

How do I get my establishment listed?

If you know of a restaurant, accommodation, attraction, bar or winery that is not listed on the AGFG site you can list the establishment for free by submitting their information to us.

Listings will not be added automatically. Submissions will first be reviewed and establishments contacted to ensure they fit the genre of our site and receive the appropriate rating.

How do I update/change my establishments details?

Priority Feature Listings can manage all details of their establishment via their website login. All other listings please contact us with any changes required.

Can I advertise events or specials on the AGFG site

Only Priority Feature Listings have the facility to advertise news, events and specials on the AGFG website. Special offers and upcoming events of Prominent Feature Listings are emailed to AGFG members within their local area.

Can I display photos of my establishment?

Only Priority Feature Listings have the option to display photos as part of their listing.

How are establishments rated?

Ratings are established according to a point system in accordance with standards that have been used in Europe for over a century. Inspectors are provided with detailed rating questionnaires and are given strict evaluation training. Establishments must meet minimum requirements and receive a point score equal to or above that of the corresponding rating. This system has been adopted to minimize bias and ensure that establishments are judged on equal terms throughout Australia. Ratings are subsequently cross referenced and verified by a conscientious administration team before being submitted for publishing on the website. Chef Hat awards are rated in accordance with our reader reviews, and inspectors appraisals.

How are Chef Hats awarded?

Australian Good Food Guides Chef Hat's have been awarded to discerning Chefs around the country since 1982 (see Our History). These awards are the result of careful deliberation. Inspectors appointed by AGFG dine anonymously. Their reviews and the opinions of the dining public, who generously send in their comments throughout the year, determine these results.

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Can an establishment remove a customer review?

Establishments may request for reader comments to be removed if they deem them to be defamatory. Reader comments may also be edited or removed if they contain inappropriate language. Reader comments are designed to give members the opportunity to support and recommend their favourite establishments. The inclusion of any reader comment on the AGFG website does not imply that we endorse the comment. Nor can we be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of such comments. See our Disclaimer. If you believe a customer review to be inappropriate, please contact us