The Kernel's Jacket Cocktail - Chef Recipe by Michael Baker

The Kernel's Jacket Cocktail - Chef Recipe by Michael Baker


50 ml Rye whisky/Bourbon/Scotch or even Cognac works well (or any mixture of those)
20 ml Amaretto (apricot brandy is also a great replacement)
A couple of dashes of bitters
1 tsp caster sugar
30 ml boiling water
Orange peel for garnish
Cinnamon quill for garnish
1 toasted marshmallow for garnish


Mix ingredients in 1 of your vessels and add 30 ml of boiling water to the other, if your cocktail doesn't light on fire immediately, warm it up a little and it will easily ignite.

Pour the flaming cocktail into the vessel with boiling water, and then pour it back and forward 5 to 6 times.

Alternatively if you don't have two suitable vessels, you can use a saucepan and set the entire mixture (including boiling water) on fire and swirl it around, a little less impressive, but you'll get a similar result. This method means you could also make 4 or 5 servers at a time - just make sure you have a plate handy to place over the saucepan when you want to extinguish the flames.

Pour into a heatproof glass, garnish with citrus peel, a piece of cinnamon and place a toasted marshmallow on a skewer to lay across the top.

The idea is that the fire caramelises the sugars and gives a toasted note while the drink is mixed. A small amount of alcohol is burnt off but if you work quickly, there'll be plenty remaining in the drink.


You will need 2 heatproof vessels to pour the flaming drink back and forth (Turkish coffee ibrik, small saucepans, pyrex measure jugs) and a lighter.

Recipe provided by Henry Sugar

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