Kingfish Ceviche - Chef Recipe by Markella Koutalidi

Kingfish Ceviche - Chef Recipe by Markella Koutalidi


100g kingfish, cleaned and thinly sliced
10g miso paste
10 thin slices of baby fennel

Wakame Mayo:

100g wakame salad
30mL water
2 egg yolks
30mL white vinegar
250mL blend extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Ponzu Dressing:

50g ponzu
50mL verjuice
15mL sesame oil

Micro herbs to garnish


Miso Crumb:

Dehydrate miso paste for two days and then blitz into a light powder.

Wakame Mayo:

Place wakame salad and water into a vac pac bag for 4 hours at 85 C in a water bath. After cooking, place in a blender on high speed until it becomes a paste, then pass through a sieve.

Put egg yolks and vinegar into a blender, add extra virgin olive oil slowly. Add wakame paste to the mayo.

Ponzu Dressing:

Mix all ingredients together to form dressing.


Place the sliced kingfish into a small bowl, add some ponzu dressing, salt and pepper and let sit for roughly 4 minutes.

Place on a round plate, no need for all the excess dressing. Take wakame mayo and make 7-9 dots on the plate, sprinkle the miso crumb all around the fish and leave a bit of space in between.

Sprinkle the sliced fennel on top of the fish and garnish with micro herbs.

Recipe provided by Mures Upper Deck

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