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Jerusalem Artichoke and Chocolate - Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop

Jerusalem Artichoke and Chocolate - Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop


Jerusalem artichoke ice cream:

400 g artichoke puree
250 g cream
250 g milk
150 g egg yolks
200 g sugar

Manjari mousse:

82 g eggs
34 g sugar
108 g Manjari 64% chocolate
179 g cream

Chocolate rocks:

70g Maltodextrin
200g Manjari chocolate

Artichoke caramel:

250 g Jerusalem artichoke puree
250 g sugar


For the ice cream, bring the milk, cream and puree to a scald. Meanwhile, whisk the yolks and sugar together. Once the milk mixture is at temperature, temper it into the egg mix while mixing.

Place over a double boiler and cook until it reaches 78 V. Allow to cool in fridge and either churn in ice cream machine or freeze in pacojet containers.

For the Manjari mousse:

Melt the chocolate over a baine marie and whip cream to stiff peaks and reserve in the fridge. Add eggs and sugar to Thermomix and set the machine to 4 minutes/60 degrees/speed 3.5.

Add the egg mix to the melted chocolate and whisk, next fold in the cream. Reserve in the fridge to set overnight.

Chocolate rocks:

Melt the chocolate and add the Maltodextrin powder. Wearing gloves use your hands to incorporate the powder into the chocolate.
Crumble into desired-sized rocks and place onto a tray to airdry overnight.

For the caramel:

Make a toffee with the sugar you want this to become a dark amber colour, then add the puree and incorporate. Allow to cool in the fridge overnight.

For plating, place some chocolate mousse in the bowl and cover with chocolate rocks. Next rocher ice cream on top and drizzle caramel over the ice cream.

Recipe provided by The Kitchen at Bec Hardy