Duck Teriyaki with Asparagus

Duck Teriyaki with Asparagus


4 duck breasts (skin on)
8 asparagus spears (washed and trimmed)
8 orange segments (for garnish)
Seeded mustard (for garnish)

Teriyaki sauce

300 ml sake
100 ml soy sauce
50g white sugar


Pan fry duck breast, skin side down, over a high heat until skin is golden in colour (approx 4-5 mins). Put duck in a moderate oven to finish, skin side down; cook for a further 4-5 mins, turn and cook for 2-3 mins.

Add sake, soy sauce and sugar to a pan, stir until sugar is dissolved. Cover and cook on low heat for approx 5 mins. Add duck breast back to sauce. Add trimmed asparagus to sauce and cook through. Reduce the sauce until thick (approx 2-3 mins).

To plate, slice duck breast into 5-7 pieces; arrange on plate, top with asparagus. Pour over sauce.

Garnish with 2 orange segments per serve and seed mustard.

Recipe provided by Sono Portside

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