Churros - Chef Recipe from The Cuban

Churros - Chef Recipe from The Cuban


125 g plain flour
75 g caster sugar
100 g butter
500 ml water
3 eggs
Zest of an orange
300 g dark chocolate


Melt butter and add to water in a saucepan. Mix in flour, sugar and orange zest with a wooden spoon over a low heat.

Allow mixture to cool down for five minutes and then add eggs one by one.

Cook mixture over a low heat, stirring until a smooth consistency.

Put mixture into a piping bag. Pipe churros (7-10 cm long) onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

Place churros in fridge to harden.

Melt chocolate in a bowl over boiling water until smooth.

Deep fry churros for 3-5 minutes, serve with melted dipping sauce on the side.

Recipe provided by The Cuban

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