Sea Bass Ceviche with Green Papaya Slaw
Sea Bass Ceviche with Green Papaya Slaw

Sea Bass Ceviche with Green Papaya Slaw


"The classic Thai green papaya salad, som tam, perfectly balances sweet, salty and sour flavours with an underbelly of spice from the red chillies. Here, we have topped it with a sea bass ceviche lightly cured in lime and coconut milk for extra tropical zing." ~ Celia Farrar and Guy Jackson.


Juice of 10 limes
4 Tbs finely chopped fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
6 Tbs fish sauce
2 Tbs soft brown sugar
2 mild red chillies, finely diced


240g green mango, julienned
360g green papaya, julienned
160g carrots, julienned
360g heritage tomatoes, deseeded and cut into eighths
2 large handfuls fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves and stems, finely chopped


120mL tinned full-fat coconut milk
140mL freshly squeezed lime juice
60mL cold water
1 mild red chilli, finely diced
1 tsp sea salt


2 large fresh sea bass, filleted, pin boned and skin removed, cut into 1cm cubes


Whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing until the sugar has dissolved. Toss with the prepared vegetables for the slaw and set to one side.

To make the marinade, combine the coconut milk, lime juice and water, in a separate bowl. Add the sea bass cubes and mix in, along with the chilli and salt. Allow to marinate for 5 minutes.

To serve, divide the slaw among 4 bowls, then top with the sea bass ceviche.

Pimp it! + Roasted cashew nuts, chopped.

Credits: This is an edited extract from Poke by Celia Farrar and Guy Jackson published by Hardie Grant Books RRP $24.99 and is available in stores nationally.

Photo Credits: ©Matt Russell.

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