Chinese Mandarin Pancakes

Chinese Mandarin Pancakes


2 cups flour
2 Tbs sesame oil
1/2 cup boiling water


Pour flour into medium bowl and add boiling water. Use a fork to quickly stir mixture until it holds together into a rough ball of dough.

When cool enough to pick up, place dough on lightly floured surface. Knead until tender and smooth, about ten minutes.

Cover dough with towel and let rest for at least fifteen minutes, but less than an hour.

Roll dough into foot long roll and cut into 8 equal sized pieces. Cut each piece in half to create 16 pieces.

Roll each piece into a smooth ball and flatten each of them into a disk.

Put couple of drops of sesame oil on top of each disk, and press two of disks together with the oil sides facing each other.

On lightly floured surface, roll out each double disk into thin pancakes that are about 13-14 cm wide.

Heat large skillet over medium-low heat until hot.

Place a double disk pancake in center and cook for one minute. Pancake will start bubbling and expanding a bit. Turn over gently for another 45 seconds, until tender.

Transfer to serving plate, find the seam in the double disk pancake and peel them apart. Stack them, oil side up, on a plate and cover to keep warm while remaining pancakes are being prepared.

These can then be served with dipping sauces or to fill with meat and roll.

Photo Credits: Elaine

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