Asian Beef Tartare with Quail Egg and Korean Chilli - Chef Recipe by Andrew Naudi

Asian Beef Tartare with Quail Egg and Korean Chilli - Chef Recipe by Andrew Naudi



4 x 120g beef tenderloin
8 quail eggs (optional)
50g mirin
50g soy
Prawn crackers
2 limes


20g fish sauce
60g diced eschallots
80g diced gherkin
20g chopped herbs (chives, parsley, Thai basil – any soft herbs)
40g black vinegar
40g Korean chilli paste (gochujang)
Zest of a lime


The quail eggs and salsa can be prepared the day before and stored in the fridge.

Quail Eggs:

Put a pot of water on high heat with a small amount of white vinegar.

Make a small hole in the quail egg, so it is easier to peel when cooked.

Boil the quail eggs for two minutes, place in ice water to stop the cooking process.

Peel the eggs and place into mirin and soy to marinate for two hours in the fridge. Remove from the liquid before serving.


Mix all the ingredients together and set aside in fridge.

To serve:

Deep fry the prawn crackers and dry on a paper towel.

Cut the limes in half and grill until golden (optional).

Dice the beef into small, even cubes and place into a bowl.

Add the salsa to the beef and mix well. Check the taste and add salt if needed.

Divide evenly into four bowls. Cut quail eggs in half and place two whole eggs per plate.

Garnish with some baby herbs and serve with prawn crackers on the side.

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