Scott Gooding – “Healthy” is more than Weight Loss

Chef, Author and Thought Leader, Scott Gooding encourages people to cook real food at home for not only themselves but their loved ones. At his website, the Scott Gooding Project, he shares easy, delicious and affordable recipes. While being an advocate of the high fat, low carb (keto) style diet, Scott also believes that true health is more than weight loss.

6 Bike Tours through France You Need on Your Bucket List

At a cyclist’s pace, tourists experience places four-wheeled travellers don’t know exist – hidden alleyways, ruins of long forgotten castles and dirt paths snaking through olive groves. On a bike, you can literally smell the roses, listen to the wind and feel the rise and fall of the ground, as you cycle to your next destination. Don your helmet, jump on the seat and let’s head off on some of France’s most popular cycle tours.

Helena Adentro Wins Fenalco Entrepreneurial Award

The moment Jade Gosling stepped foot on the plane to Quindio and heard the slogan from the ProColombia tourism board, she was hooked. ‘The only risk is you’ll want to stay,’ resonated so loudly with this former Australian student, that now seven years later, she and business partner Alejandro Fajardo are proud owners of hip Colombian restaurant Helena Adentro in Filandia.