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What Head Chef Jamie Robertson Considers His Home Kitchen Top Essentials

We sit down and chat with Chef Jamie Robertson from the newly opened restaurant, Sydney Common and ask the all-important question, what essentials are in your home kitchen?

Jamie first shares: "Food is about bringing people together. If I cook at home it’s for when the family comes together. It’s about sharing something. Being from London, I wasn’t part of those families that had big dinners. What’s great about cooking is that you make friends and learn how other cultures approach food. You learn how different cultures use food to bring people together - friends and families. I make Sundays for family and cook on my day off. I’ll invite family around and it’s a different feeling. 

"Living in London, I would always make a roast chicken on Sundays. That’s the English part of me. Delicious poulet Bresse from France, but you can’t get there here, although it was my little luxury in London.”
What Head Chef Jamie Robertson Considers His Home Kitchen Top Essentials
Pictured above and hero image: Sydney Common.

Here in Australia, Jamie’s essentials in his home kitchen are:

Soy sauce
Bonito Flakes
White Wine
Fresh herbs (I have a herb garden that currently has rosemary and lemon thyme)
Pasta for the kids

Also, noteworthy as his ‘essential’, is that on his day off he will make five litres of tomato sauce to put in the freezer, for easy access for his partner to make quick meals for the kids.
"A home kitchen is more family-oriented. There isn’t the pressure of being in the restaurant and working, it’s just a more relaxed feel at home.”


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