1 Easy Solution to Grow Your Business AND Keep Your Customers Spending More Money, More Often.

Do you know what a Michelin Star is? It’s a rating system used to grade the finest restaurants in the world on their quality – one star signifies ‘a very good restaurant’, two mean ‘excellent cooking worth a detour’, while three stars represent ‘exceptional cuisine which is worth a special journey’.

1 Easy Solution to Grow Your Business AND Keep Your Customers Spending More Money, More Often.

Have you ever wondered why a tyre company would be the authority on rating the best restaurants around the globe?

In 1900, there were less than 3000 cars on French roads; in an effort to increase demand for cars and in turn tyres, Michelin published a guide for motorists called the Michelin Guide.

Brothers Andre and Edouard had started the Michelin company 11 years earlier and decided that a ratings guide for hotels and restaurants would also compel drivers to use up their tyres and buy more.

As Melbourne joins the rest of the country in coming out of lockdown, everyone is looking at how to get back on economic track, attract more customers and keep them coming back.

So, what does the Michelin Guide have to do with growing your business?

Everything…there are only three ways to grow a business:

  • Increase the number of clients and turn more new prospects into paying customers.
  • Increase average transaction value and get each client to buy more at each purchase.
  • Increase the frequency the average client buys from you and getting them to buy more often.

The Michelin brothers were focusing on the third reason, most businesses can’t get past the first!

How to get more customers is all many business owners think about…in fact, it probably keeps them up at night, tossing and turning. When in reality, they need to turn their existing customers into repeat visitors, time and again, ensuring they come back and bring their friends with them.

Taking repeat business for granted, is a mistake; you need to stay in touch with these customers.

Give them a reason to dine with you again, send them offers and specials through their phones putting you at the forefront of their minds when they think about dining out.

Offer a loyalty program to encourage repeat business, that free coffee or drink on their birthday will go a long way to keeping them loyal to your business.

Not sure how to manage all this? Do yourself a favour and start a free 30-day trial with WOWAPPS to see how many loyalty options are available; you can also personalise notifications and offerings and stay in touch with your customers through their phone.

1 Easy Solution to Grow Your Business AND Keep Your Customers Spending More Money, More Often.

Let’s face it, these days we do everything on our phone from booking a restaurant to leaving a review. WOWAPPS is the ideal platform to not only communicate with your customers enticing them back through the doors, it also can manage your reservations and take care of online ordering.

Do yourself a favour, contact WOWAPPS today and watch your business grow!