Real Delicious by Chrissy Freer

Born from the passions of nutritionist and food writer Chrissy Freer comes the Real Delicious cookbook, the third from Chrissy following Supergrains and Superlegumes in her repertoire of healthy cookbooks.

Real Delicious by Chrissy Freer

Real Delicious is a stepping stone to changing not only eating habits, but lifestyle choices and the way we think about the food we buy and eat. From start to finish, this book promotes eating real whole foods and avoiding the nasty preservatives and additives that do their best to sneak into our diets every day.

Encompassing all sections of the food pyramid, Chrissy delivers nutritional advice on how to switch up every day eating habits for healthier options. By breaking down the often-confusing scientific jargon and research behind what she promotes, Chrissy dictates eating healthy in a reader-friendly way. We all need a helping hand from time to time to continue making the right choices for ourselves, and with Real Delicious and Chrissy’s easy explanations of what’s better for our bodies and why, living life healthier is within reach.

Real Delicious by Chrissy Freer

Baked Plums with Almonds and Buckwheat, p 210.

By eating foods in their most natural state, Chrissy shows how avoiding highly processed reduced fat, fat free and artificially sweetened foods will have a positive impact on your health. Over 100 recipes span from breakfast to lunch and onto family-friendly dinners, guilt-free desserts and proportional snacks to keep you satiated through the day. The bright and clear photography for these sumptuous recipes is a reflection of her dishes - full of fresh fruit and lush looking vegetables. Not only that, there are recipes for making extras like a healthy chocolate spread, vegan cheese, jams and dips without the preservatives thrown into store-bought counterfeits.

Real Delicious recipes bring back the earthy joy of cooking and demonstrates that changing your diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour. Covering chapters of grains, legumes, eggs, seeds and nuts, vegetarian options, meat, tofu and more, Chrissy provides her advice for what is best avoided and what can be substituted in its place. Vegetarian lunchtime delights and mid-morning snacks like the quinoa-crusted cheese tarts with pumpkin and crisp sage, with textured pastry, sweet roasted pumpkin and tangy, creamy blue cheese filling will keep you on track and motivated to stick with your dietary aspirations. In a creative upside down fruit crumble, baked plums with almonds and buckwheat, fruit takes front and center as the base while a gluten-free mixture is crumbled over the top. Chrissy also suggests to swap the fruit out with other varieties, like nectarines, peaches and apricots to help keep you cooking with the seasons and to change up your recipes with variations. Find out how to substitute ingredients smartly, like potato for sweet potato in the recipe for fish and sweet potato cakes with dill dressing. Her guidance flows naturally, making the changes easy to achieve and meals enjoyable to prepare and devour in the company of family and friends.

If you are interested in changing up your diet and lifestyle or just trying to keep healthy eating interesting, add a few more recipes to your everyday menu with the dishes inside Real Delicious.

By Annabel Rainsford.