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Not Just Good Wine – It’s Wine for Good! Try Round Theory’s Sauvignon Blanc for Super Summer Sipping.

Small steps made frequently can have an enormous impact over time – that is why all Round Theory’s wines are sustainably grown and sourced.

These vegan drops are also bottled in glass that is 30% lighter, 35% shorter and clear to improve the Kiwi winemaker’s carbon footprint; while the labels are printed on recycled stock with environmentally-friendly ink.

What is vegan wine, you may ask? Does it taste good? Will I like it?

Given that wine is the product of grapes and yeast, you may think all wines would be appropriate for vegans but that isn’t always the case.

Consumer interest in vegan wines is growing with varietals showing up at liquor stores around the country; but do you know what makes the vino vegan and what doesn’t?

Animal products are used during the winemaking process as fining agents, such as egg white, gelatin, isinglass and milk protein; which are used to help filter and clarify the young wine by removing materials that make it hazy or affect the aroma.

These agents bind to the unwanted materials, making them large enough to be filtered out.

Vegan wines use non-animal-derived fining agents like limestone, carbon, silica gel and a variety of clays to produce a tasty, completely vegan tipple.

Not Just Good Wine – It’s Wine for Good! Try Round Theory’s Sauvignon Blanc for Super Summer Sipping.
The taste and flavour profiles of vegan and non-vegan wines are as varied as your usual drop – try Round Theory’s range and you won’t be disappointed.

This winemaker has a simple mission – to make great wines that have a positive impact on the planet, with a motto of ‘Wines for Our World’.

From Sauvignon Blanc to Rosé, Pinot Gris and a white Field Blend, there is a glass here to tempt all palates, sourced and grown from sustainably accredited vineyards around New Zealand.

Try the Sauvignon Blanc for super Summer sipping, overflowing with tropical notes of guava and passionfruit and delivering crisp, fresh flavours - perhaps pair a glass with this recipe for oysters, horseradish relish and celery from Chef Matt Golinski.

Round Theory wines can be found on the shelves at Dan Murphy’s, BWS, First Choice and Liquorland.

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