Neil's Semillon Best of World's Best

By David Ellis from Vintnews.

Neil's Semillon Best of World's BestIt doesn’t take much to have us singing the praises of Neil McGuigan for what he gets up to at McGuigan Wines in the Hunter Valley, and none more so than after we get down and cosy with one of his Semillons.

For if the Hunter is acknowledged as the world’s premier region for the best of Semillons, and the McGuigan Bin Series Semillons are renowned globally as the company’s most-awarded wine, it must mean Neil is justified in taking a bow for the international recognition these of his are accorded.

If you have a very special event coming up and are thinking seafood should be at the heart of it, an ideal wine to match would be the 2013 vintage of the McGuigan Bin 9000 Semillon. For here’s a wine from a season that while it saw many a challenge thrown up at the team – from dry and cool, to heatwaves and rain – is fresh and light in its younger years, but then goes onto develop into a classic rich honey and toasty Hunter style Semillon with a nice and long cellaring potential.

At $30 make it a feature alongside fresh prawn cocktails to kick off special events, and go on to share it with main course platters of grilled seafood.

One to note: Bill Calabria has a most more-ish Durif under the 3 Bridges label of his Calabria Family Wines in the NSW Riverina, a wine that’s big enough to stand up to the gutsiness of a hearty osso bucco, braised oxtail or a good Rogan Josh.

This interesting varietal whose quite tiny berries produce a wine almost impenetrably black in the glass, originated in France, but today is found mainly in only Australia (principally the Riverina and Rutherglen in Victoria,) and in California and Israel.

Bill Calabria’s 3 Bridges Durif is intensely flavoured with dark plums, Morello cherries, coffee and coconut to the fore, has toasty vanillin oak and a nice little spiciness. At $25 it’s a great match with those dining suggestions above.

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