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Look What’s New – NOYADE!

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Those looking for culinary adventure seek out hidden bar NOYADE on Napier Street in Strathmore. A rustic well-worn brick entrance with a shiny nameplate announces this cool Melbourne dining destination, while indoors rocks a seductive vibe of polished wood floors, shiny black tiles, glowing Edison bulb lighting and intimate nooks for romantic rendezvous or catching up with friends over a drink. 
Look What’s New – NOYADE!

Why should you drop in for a meal at NOYADE? Here are three good reasons:

What’s your most popular dish:

Must-try dishes are the Wagyu steak on creamy mash and the chicken sliders. Our must-try drink is the Margarita Picante, which is shaken with jalapeño salt and packs a punch.
Look What’s New – NOYADE!

What is your point of difference? 

We have a full commercial kitchen and tapas menu, which sets us apart from typical bar food offerings.

What is a fun fact that not many people know about the restaurant?

NOYADE is a hidden bar with no street frontage making it Strathmore’s best-kept secret!
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