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For crispy chicken with a twist head to Korr Jee Chicken on Acland Street in St Kilda. This new chick on the block oozes a trendy vibe of chicken wall murals, blond wood table settings and banquette seating, making it all too easy to linger over a plate and glass of wine. ‘Korr Jee’ means roast chicken and that’s what they do best! 

Why should you drop in for a meal at Korr Jee Chicken? Here are three good reasons:

What’s your most popular dish/drink:

Our must-try dish is definitely a Korr Jee itself! Especially if you choose to go with a pack where you can choose a delicious and healthy side dish like our coleslaw salad, or delicious buttery mash to match the roast chicken perfectly. 

We are also quite proud of our bar selection - proudly pouring Mountain Goat, an award-winning brewery beer from Pirate Life (South Coast Pale Ale) on tap – plus amazing cocktails on offer, including a classic Pina Colada and our own Peach Margarita.

What's your point of difference:

What sets us apart is the chicken itself. Sourced from our suppliers in South Gippsland, it is brined and then dry-aged to add flavour, aromatics and lock them in. Prepared with absolutely no artificial, or processed ingredients; this whole process makes our Korr Jee chicken juicy and succulent with crispy golden skin.

Look What’s New Near You!
What is a fun fact that not many people know about the restaurant?

People may not realise that we specialise in roast chicken - while the name Korr Jee can potentially be assumed to be Korean fried chicken, it is actually Shanghai dialect and translates to roast chicken.

We also offer a crispy chicken burger with coleslaw and a classic parma with a twist. We aim to be a trending establishment with great chicken, good music and awesome beverages; we hope to build a good relationship with our customers, especially the locals.