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Jarcuterie - Like Charcuterie but in a Jar.

When talking about the jarcuterie  (pronounced like charcuterie, but JAR-cuterie) that I would be serving at my upcoming dinner party this weekend, my friend gave me a vacant blank stare. Surely everyone knew what this wonderful new invention was? I was wrong. So I wonder, are you also new to the concept, or are you completely and utterly sold to the idea and have been practising it since COVID?
Jarcuterie - Like Charcuterie but in a Jar.
Brie, salami, blackberries, almonds, crostini stick, lychee balls and assorted other cheese, from

Jarcuterie is basically charcuterie in a jar - hence the name - single serves in glass jars or cups. The bonus is that you get to take your meat and cheese appetiser with you while mingling (yes, I know - pure genius!)

Interested? Here are a few top tips when creating your vertical charcuterie layout: 
Jarcuterie - Like Charcuterie but in a Jar.
Opting for mini cheeses, dried fruits, and a twig of rosemary, from 
You’ll need an assortment of cold meats, cheeses and accompaniments that pair well such as fruit, dried fruit, olives and nuts, along with a certain quantity of cute glasses. They don’t even have to be matching.

Last of all, it would be a good idea to place each finished jar, on top of a napkin, so as guests grab the jar, the napkin is ready to go too. 

Rather than talking you through it, here is another inspirational picture for you - after all a picture is worth a thousand words.
Jarcuterie - Like Charcuterie but in a Jar.
We love the subtle nod to Christmas in this jar, with a half-dressed Babybel and festival colours on theme, from

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