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Benvenuto to Italian Week – Culinary Passion on the Plate

From the Editor, Leigh O’Connor.

Buongiorno…Benvenuto to Italian week!

What says culinary passion more than Italian cuisine? This week we explore all Italy has to offer from the best restaurants and recipes to robust red wines and street food, we take you on an adventure around the regions of a country that has never failed to stimulate our taste buds.

Italian Chef, Alfredo Forte wasn’t just born with a spoon in his hand – he was born with a whisk in his heart. 

At 83 years young, this Chef declares he will never retire from Basilico Café on Main North Road in Prospect – he will die in the kitchen!

Benvenuto to Italian Week – Culinary Passion on the Plate
From the vibrant culinary landscapes of Italy to the thriving gastronomic scene in Australia, Alfredo’s culinary journey has been a testament to his unwavering passion for the art of cooking. We talk exclusively to this icon of the kitchen about food, life and family:

"It infuriates me when people cheapen the artistry of Italian cuisine by sacrificing authentic flavours for cheap marketing tricks. It’s not just about a few herbs and spices; it’s about generations of tradition, a respect for high-quality ingredients and the delicate balance of flavours that makes Italian food so exquisite!”

Plus Alfredo shares his quintessential recipe for penne carbonara with AGFG home cooks, which his grandmother taught him the secrets to.

Benvenuto to Italian Week – Culinary Passion on the Plate
Marie-Antoinette Issa dishes up an introduction to the best regional Italian food - whether it’s the seafood-inspired feasts of Southern Italy or the rich hearty cuisine of the North, regional Italian food offers a unique gastronomic experience and an insight into a culture that continues to captivate the senses and delight the palate.

She also unravels what DOP actually means - from cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano to balsamic vinegar from Modena, DOP certification helps maintain the rich diversity and authenticity of Italy’s culinary landscape, but what does it really mean for the consumer?

From sous vide grilled to octopus to snapper alla Vernaccia, we plate up five Italian dishes to recreate a family feast at home, plus five red wines to serve alongside your hard work…Nonna would be proud!

So grab your glass, set aside some ‘you’ time and read on for an Italian week to remember!

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Basilico Cafe

Experience timeless Italian mastery at Basilico Café on Main North Road in Prospect. Heading the kitchen of this Adelaide dining destination is 83-year-old Chef Enzo, who brings decades of authenti...

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