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Australia's Finest Honoured Amongst the World's Best Steakhouses

Australia's Finest Honoured Amongst the World's Best Steakhouses
Image courtesy of Steer Dining Room

By Joseph Steele.

In a remarkable testament to Australia’s culinary prowess, 11 Australian restaurants have been honoured in the global Top 101 Steak Restaurants. Showcasing the excellence, innovation and commitment to quality, the award looks at significant venues across the globe.

With criteria that look at the meat quality, selection, knowledge of the staff and wine list (amongst other requirements), Sydney and Melbourne have taken out some high-ranking positions.

Here, we celebrate these top-tier venues and their outstanding achievements:

No 3: Margaret, Sydney

Boasting the title of ‘Highest New Entry’, Margaret has also taken out the top spot for steak restaurants across Asia Pacific. Standing as a beacon of culinary excellence, Neil Perry’s upscale eatery is known for its commitment to premium ingredients. Also securing a 14-Hat Award in this year's Chef Hat Awards, the steak offering is a celebration of Australia’s finest beef, paired with a sophisticated array of sides; all perfectly complemented by an extensive wine list that enhances the dining experience.

No 8: Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

A stalwart in Sydney’s dining scene and recipient of a 14-Hat Award this year, Rockpool holds eighth position. The icon is famous for its wood-fired grill, which imparts a distinctive smoky flavour to perfectly aged steaks. Set in a stunning art-deco skyscraper, the dining style is simple and uncomplicated. Excellent produce and precision service are paramount at Rockpool, making every meal here a memorable occasion.

No 11: Victor Churchill, Melbourne

More than a steakhouse, Victor Churchill is a culinary institution. A new entry to the list, Victor Churchill is an exemplary showcase of culinary prowess with a theatrical display of butchery. Sophisticated and oozing with old-world charm, you can expect a selection of fine cuts dry-aged to perfection. Indulgent, sumptuous and perfectly executed, dining here is a celebration of the art of butchery.

No 17: Steer Dining Room, Melbourne

Taking the traditional steakhouse into the modern age, Steer Dining Room has been celebrated for its sophisticated approach to steak. Exceptionally sourced local and international cuts reign supreme, with an impressive Wagyu selection. Melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavours are enhanced by the precision skills of the Chefs. The sleek, modern ambience and impeccable service make this a beloved venue amongst steak aficionados. Steer Dining Room also secured a 13-Hat Award in the 2024 Chef Hat Awards. 

No 24: The Gidley, Sydney

Be transported to an old-world steakhouse that isn’t short on luxurious charm. Nestled in the bustling CBD, The Gidley’s rich wood interiors and plush leather booths create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Holding an exceptional selection of steaks, each cut is expertly cooked to perfection offering full flavour and supreme texture, while each side dish is prepared with a twist to enhance the main - from classics like creamed spinach to hand-cut fries, or bone marrow with truffle jus. Dining here is both sophisticated and comforting, making The Gidley a gem of the Sydney culinary scene.

No 45: Bistecca, Sydney

Focusing on the simplicity of Tuscan steakhouse fare, this hidden treasure offers a truly unique dining experience. Dedicated to the art of cooking over an open flame, Bistecca delivers a robust, charred exterior and a juicy, tender interior. Packed full of rustic charm and an intimate ambience diners are immersed in the cooking experience via the open-plan kitchen. A concise menu focuses on quality over quantity. Bistecca offers a convivial dining experience, not one to be missed.

No 71: Porteño, Sydney

Porteño packs a punch. Bringing the flavours of Argentina to Sydney, the restaurant offers an array of succulent steaks. Famous for it’s Asado grill, steaks are consistently tender, juicy and rich in flavour. Bold, vibrant and lively the atmosphere wraps diners in the pulsing soul of South America. The impressive menu and keen eye landed Porteño a 13-Chef Hat Award in 2024. Service here is warm and attentive, matched with a menu that is a testament to traditional Argentinian cuisine, each dining experience here is a celebration of meat and fire.

No 86: Entrecote, Melbourne

Step into a quaint, Parisian-inspired setting that captures the essence of a chic French bistro. Entrecote’s nod to the charming bistros creates the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or breezy lunch, where you can dine on a delightfully traditional menu. Steak frites, cooked to perfection, is wonderfully simple capturing the Chef’s commitment to quality and flavour. Entrecote delivers a consistently excellent experience and the perfect blend of European elegance with Australian produce.

No 89: Kingsleys, Sydney

Specialising in Australian prime beef, this institution is known for premium meat and stunning waterfront views. Offering a sensational range of cuts, sides and seafood, Kingsleys elevates the steakhouse moniker. Priding itself on top-tier cuts and a range of delectable sides, the relaxed atmosphere makes this a hotspot for steak lovers.

No 94: Gimlet, Melbourne

Gimlet’s modern take on European classics has firmly planted it on many award lists, including receiving a 15-Chef Hat Award. Housed in a beautifully restored heritage building, Gimlet combines old-world charm with modern dining. Each dish is carefully crafted highlighting fresh, local ingredients. The menu features a range of impeccably cooked steaks, each paired with innovative sides and an incredibly well-curated wine list. Dining here promises an unforgettable experience.

No 98: Grill Americano, Melbourne

Grill Americano pays homage to the classic grills of America. Chic and contemporary the décor offers a sleek ambience with dark wood and soft leather booths. Know for its robust, hearty steaks, the selection here is undoubtedly the highlight. For steak connoisseurs, each piece of meat is cooked with precision featuring the quintessential American-style char and juicy interior. The meticulously curated wine list is a perfect complement to the high-quality beef. Expect an exquisitely refined meal. Grill Americano is also the recipient of a 12-Chef Hat Award. 

Well done to the incredible efforts of these amazing venues. Australia’s impressive representation in the global rankings underscores our dedication to a unique culinary experience.
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