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All Eyes on Gay Paris! It’s French Week, Let’s Celebrate

From the Editor, Leigh O’Connor.
As the eyes of the world turn to France in preparation for the start of the Olympics on Friday, July 26, it’s time to celebrate all things Français!

Not only is there a French election right now it’s also Bastille Day on Sunday, July 14 – giving us more than one reason to say Viva La France.
This week we bring you a French lesson like no other, from delicious recipes for a romantic rendezvous to the difference between a crêpe and a galette, along with how to host an iconic Bastille Day bash.

All Eyes on Gay Paris! It’s French Week, Let’s Celebrate
Marie-Antoinette Issa delivers nine of the best French pastries on the plate…and not a single one of them is a croissant; whether you delve into delights like macarons or mille-feuille, these sweet mouthfuls offer a delicious taste of the diverse world of French pastries beyond the classic croissant.

Don’t miss Bistro Moncur Chef Tom Deadman’s top tips for hosting a French-inspired party on July 14; from a carefully curated blend of French culinary delights to authentic décor and engaging activities, Tom tells AGFG home cooks how to celebrate everything French in style.

We also bring you seven iconic French dishes that every foodie should try – many have rightly earned their status as favourites such as confit duck, crème brûlée, ratatouille and bouillabaisse, whet your appetite with our roundup of what other legendary dishes epitomise French dining.

Ever tried indigenous fusion food? Most of us haven’t and certainly we are missing out!

All Eyes on Gay Paris! It’s French Week, Let’s Celebrate

Pawa Catering in Melbourne has made it a mission to showcase the incredible flavours of native ingredients in its catering offerings to the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. As we celebrate NAIDOC Week from July 7-14, we discover what initiated husband and wife team Niyoka Bundle and Head Chef Vincent Manning to set up this innovative and creative business.

Taking its name from the word meaning ‘to cook’ in the Gunditjmara language, Pawa merges classic Western and European favourites with locally sourced native ingredients to create an indigenous fusion experience like no other.

From restaurants where food equals comfort to finding thrills on the grill, we have you covered with where to dine and also uncover the best Happy Hour deals in town…read on for a très bien good time!

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Pawa Catering

Native fusion food to elevate your next event is what’s on the menu at Pawa Catering. Servicing the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs, this catering business takes its name from the word meanin...

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