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Shop 8/4 Progress Street, Morley 6062 WA - See Map

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Payments Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos

Opening Hours

Mon  3:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Tue  3:00:PM - 9:00:PM
Wed  11:00:AM - 9:00:PM
Thu  11:00:AM - 9:00:PM
Fri  11:00:AM - 9:30:PM
Sat  11:00:AM - 9:30:PM
Sun  11:00:AM - 9:00:PM

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Member Reviews (20)


New type of flavours and creative new ideas comes from this unique restaurant. Slow cooked food that brings your mouth and stomach to a flavour explosion like never before. The house made sauces are unique and delicious. I can’t get enough of this flavourful menu. This restaurant have a true “flavour magician” chef, creating new amazing things again and again. You never get bored of the creativity and new exciting flavours.


Killer burgers and poppers!
Good staff and Simon is always really welcoming and friendly.


The best quality of food I have experienced in Perth.
The chef takes utmost pride in his work. Engages with his customers. His work with new flavours and blending flavours is spectacular. I have not had any dish from this establishment that has not been absolutely amazing. The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable about their products. The service is excellent. I cannot rate this restaurant highly enough.


Most iconic food ever
Simon says was my best experience so for in terms of food in hole Australia. I tried many types of food in Australia and specially in Perth in most well-know restaurants like KFC or Hungry jacks, but I definitely guarantee that Simon says burgers are most Iconic with brilliant service. The staffs are super friendly and always care about Customers. In Simon says you have plenty of option to enjoy you time buy having halal food or gluten-free food compared to other restaurant that just think how to charge you more for this type of things. So I recommend everyone in Perth and Australia to support this business to expect and grow the concept FIRST AUSTRALIAN SYTLE BURGER SHOP.


uniquely different


Awsom food
10 out of 10 every time thanks Simon


Best burgers in Perth. Fresh, tasty and inventive. Great and friendly service. .


Big fan of chicken burgers and biriyani.


Real #Goosty food and service like no other!
Simon and his team run a burger shop like no other. The food is low and slow cooked, so get the brisket or the lamb and you won't be disappointed. If you're feeling adventurous, Simon has a genius sense of flavour balance, so push your boundaries with native Aussie botanicals or with one of his custom sauces.
The bar is stocked with mixers and cans and boasts an incredibly unique cocktail list.
By no means will you be ordering "fast food" here. Don't plan to rush anywhere after. Sit back, enjoy the experience, and play a board game if you want!


The menu is extensive to being almost intimidating, but there's enough variety to keep things new and interesting every visit.

The burgers are purposely not your standard Whopper clones. Even the "standard" burgers include things like egg, cilantro, brisket, and the like. The speciality burgers are downright unique, especially the CB1 which features a Wagyu and lentil filo inside the burger.

The balance of flavours in every dish is designed to make you question what a burger can become, each one familiar and comfortable yet with twists that are unexpected and entirely welcome.

The staff are welcoming, chatty, and will remember you. We enjoy being cocktail Guinea pigs and checking out the limited time menu offerings, to the point we've had more things not on the menu than on it.

Better than Johnny's burgers was in their prime, years ago. Don't settle for a Big Mac. Expand your horizons.


Greatest burger creation


This place is amazing
Best food ever



Awesome Burgers


Simon takes great care in cooking his cooking and it really shows through. The Meat Candy (the slow cooked Brisket) is so tender and was absolutely mouthwatering. It is slow cooked overnight he told me.
The chicken in the Becca burger alone with it's unique crumbing and cooked perfectly shows how attentive he is to the key elements and makes for a highlight every time.
The drinks were delicious and very unique, I never thought Campari, Watermelon and Green tea would go together but they did and a "Blood rose" milkshake was unlike anything i'd ever had before.

From the unique comics and pictures stuck to the walls to the unique flavours in his dishes and drinks Simon Says was one to remember.


Absolutely incredible food which is different from anything else
Simon manages to create food which deserves a title greater than that of just food, it would be more suitable to refer to it as art. His attention to detail of the flavours of every single element in his meals make them stand out far beyond other restaurants.
His cheese sauce alone is unrivalled in taste and quality but then once you add in his signature brisket a truly sensational creation is made. Along with this, his fried chicken is some of the most flavoursome I have ever tasted in all of Perth.
I could not recommend Simon Says more , every feast from here is incredible.


Totally unique flavours
Big fan of the meat candy and brisket Taco.
Jingle Jingle with added chorizo is my go to


Best tasting and value burgers in Perth
I am a regular to this place and everytime I come, this place seems to get better. Chef Simon has incredibly high standards for his cuisine and he is constantly improving quality and variety in his menu. To add to this, his fantastic staff understand quality customer service. Overall, a 5 star dining experience.


Simon Says is A+++ .
Simon & Wife are the bomb , friendly, always welcoming and funny as and most importantly there a family run business :)
They go a above and beyond for their customers.
Simon has a ingredient of experiment ??. It’s a flavour bomb and explosions going of in your mouth, your tongue tingles and your brain is like poof??
It goes to say for there food is a lot different from where you get from anywhere else.. the lease people try it out it’s worth every penny and the organism is your mouth . Just saying ??


Most Unique Fast food shop & Burgers in Perth
Poor Man's Fine dining, where food is not gonna look so beautiful as fine dining , but it will be Goosty (Good+Tasty) as fine dining.
Food is different at Simon Says, a new concept of food dynamic, customer service, quality vs value, price range, plus the money back gurantee. The only food restaurant in Australia that gives money back gurantee. and as simon says - : when it comes to food , if you dont like it, don't swallow it - it is that simple.
and my name is chef simon. i myself writting this review as a start. my dream is to start a trend of "Australian style Fast food + low n slow" which is same same but different and unique.
That is why - we throw a challenge to our guest - find the dynamic of food and such anywhere in australia and we will reward you $50.00.
As Aussie we dont have to scratch our head when someone ask us - " what is Australian style fast food..?" anymore.
In one sentence - " everything is different at Simon says " outside the box, from ingridients to cooking , conecpt, everything. and - Honesty, Accountability and Transparency. Thanks to AGFG for listing us in this platform. we are grateful.