Yarra Valley Strawberry Mousse - Chef Recipe by Elizabeth O’Brien and Remold Fernando

Yarra Valley Strawberry Mousse - Chef Recipe by Elizabeth O’Brien and Remold Fernando


Strawberry mousse:

250g strawberry purée
50g sugar
400g cream
15g gelatin
3g lemon juice

50g strawberry mousse
20g strawberry compote
5g gluten-free vanilla sponge
2g strawberry dust
8g strawberry meringue
5g strawberry gel
3g coconut
10g strawberry glaze


Strawberry mousse:

Soften the gelatin leaves in cold water.

Boil strawberry purée, sugar and lemon juice.

Add softened gelatin to mixture. Keep at room temperature until cool.

Whip cream until smooth and soft. Add to fruit mixture and combine.

Fill a 6 cm silicone mould 1 cm from the top with strawberry mousse and freeze.

Fill a 2 cm round silicone mould fill with strawberry compote and freeze.

When frozen demould the strawberry compote.

Cut the gluten-free sponge into 6 cm circles.

When the strawberry mousse is frozen scoop 2 cm whole in the centre and place the frozen compote in the whole to fill.

Place the sponge on the bottom of the mousse and demould the mousse when it’s still frozen and leave on a rack.

Pour the strawberry glaze over the top till completely covered.

Place coconut around the bottom of the dome.

Garnish with strawberry dust and gel and strawberry meringue and flowers.

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