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Witch's Cauldron Cocktail - Recipe by Observatory Bar

Witch's Cauldron Cocktail - Recipe by Observatory Bar


Yellow goblet:

30mL Adelaide Hills Green Ant gin
15mL Yellow Chartreuse
5mL Maraschino Luxardo

Blue goblet:

15mL Cointreau
10mL Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur
20mL lime juice
10mL sugar syrup

An empty cocktail glass where the two liquids are mixed.

Observatory bar uses dry ice to create a smoke cloud effect, we don't recommend doing this unless you have experience handling dry ice or are in the presence of a trained professional.

A warning on using dry ice:

Never place dry ice in the mouth or ingest it. Never let dry ice touch your skin as it can cause severe burns. Never handle or store dry ice in enclosed areas. Never serve a drink that contains dry ice without warning your customer.


In two separate shakers with ice, combine ingredients and shake.

Strain mixtures into two different vessels.

Serve with an empty glass in the middle and blue and yellow goblets on either side.

Combine both into the middle glass and watch the magic happen!

Credits: Observatory Bar

Photo Credits: Observatory Bar

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