Tonno Agli Agrumi (Tuna with Citrus) - Chef Recipe by Bruno Conti.
Tonno Agli Agrumi (Tuna with Citrus) - Chef Recipe by Bruno Conti.

Tonno Agli Agrumi (Tuna with Citrus) - Chef Recipe by Bruno Conti.


1 kg yellow fin tuna
2 blood oranges
1 grapefruit
250 g ricotta
3 g horseradish, grated
Pinch of salt
10mL mandarin olive oil
25 g capers
2 radishes
Pink peppercorns


First grade tuna should be bright red, shiny and translucent - it should not be black or brown.

Proper food safety precautions are the key to eating and serving good raw fish, as this will minimise the risk of food-borne illnesses. If you’re choosing to use fresh fish, always use your nose before selecting, if the fish smells funny, don’t eat it.

There are 4 loins in each fish: 2 dorsal and 2 belly. The most common sashimi cut is dorsal loin (Akami), another great option is to use the belly (Toro), which is normally more expensive because of its quality.

In those 2 categories, there are 3 more sub-divisions. The part closer to the tail is the lowest quality, the middle part is highest quality and the part closer to the head is medium for the upper back and premium for the belly.

Start preparing the orange and grapefruit segments in a bowl.

Cut radishes with a mandolin.

Whip ricotta with grated fresh horseradish.

Fry capers till crispy.

Slice tuna with a sharp knife , sashimi-style, or even thinner if you want to create some movement on the plate. Make sure you cut against the fibres!


Place ricotta dots on the plate first. Add tuna, make sure to give create some movement.

Add orange, grapefruit and radishes. Add salt and pink peppercorns.

Add mandarin oil and finish with capers and chosen micro herbs.

Recipe provided by The Hut Byron Bay

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