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Duck and Chive Ravioli - Chef Recipe by Shane Wilson

Duck and Chive Ravioli - Chef Recipe by Shane Wilson


Whole egg pasta:

6 egg yolks
150g 00 pasta flour
100g semola
1 pinch of salt
Drizzle of olive oil

Pasta filling:

Meat from 1 whole duck, minced
3 cloves garlic
1 bunch chives
Salt to taste


Roasted bones from 1 whole duck, minus neck and wings
1 sheet kombu
150g dried shiitake mushroom
2L water
1 onion
1 carrot
1 leek
1/2 celery

For the tare:

1L soy sauce
330 mL mirin
33 mL brown rice vinegar
Neck and wings from the duck
1 bunch bring onion whites
1 small knob ginger


Grana Padano
1/2 bunch chives, finely chopped
Knob of butter
Splash of high-quality aged balsamic vinegar


Whole egg pasta:

Place all dry ingredients together in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Turn out onto workbench and create a well in the centre.

Place yolks, oil, and water in the well and start mixing with a fork.

Slowly incorporate wet mixture into dry, once you have a rough dough begin to use your hands to knead.

Once the dough is formed and has become pliable, wrap in cling film and put in the fridge overnight or for at least 2 hours.

Duck filling:

Mix duck mince, chives and minced garlic then season with salt.

Cook up a small portion of the mince to taste for seasoning.

Place filling in a piping bag and put in the fridge.

It’s best to make this filling the day before so that the salt can firm up the protein.

Tare Ssuce:

In a pot sauté the duck wings and necks until they have browned.

De-glaze the pot with the soy, mirin, and brown rice vinegar.

Place spring onions and ginger into the pot and allow liquid to steep for at least an hour making sure to never boil the liquid.

Strain liquid and reserve for seasoning your broth.

Duck broth:

In a pot place kombu and water and keep on below a simmer for 1 hour then remove Kombu.

Once the kombu has been removed place shiitake and duck bones into broth and cook for a further 4 hours, making sure to never boil.

After the four hour cook, strain the broth into a separate container.

Roughly chop onions, carrot, celery, and leek.

Using same broth pot sauté vegetables until they colour slightly.

Place broth back into the pot and continue to cook for a further hour making sure to never boil the stock.

After one hour, strain the stock and season to taste with Tare sauce.


Roll out your pasta dough using a pasta roller.

Laminate the dough, minimum of 3 times to build the gluten structure.

Roll the dough out until it reaches setting 1 on the machine pasta machine (you should be able to see the shadow of your fingers through the dough).

Roll the dough out completely, then cut the dough in half. One sheet will be the bottom where the filling goes and one sheet will be the placed over the top to seal.

On the bottom layer of dough squeeze out the duck filling to the size of a 20 cent piece. You should be able to fit 3 wide with a 2 finger gap between each piece of filling.

Lightly spray all the visible dough between the filling with water, then immediately after, drape over top layer of dough.

Using the bottom (non-sharp) end of a ring cutter shape the dough into a perfect circle and press down on the outsides to remove any air bubbles.

Using a ravioli cutter cut out your rounds then place ravioli on a floured surface to dry.

Warm the seasoned broth on the stove.

Drop raviolis into a pot of boiling water and start a 5-minute timer.

In a pan place a knob of butter and cook until foaming and nut brown.

Add 2 big ladles of seasoned stock to the butter and reduce until the butter emulsifies into a rich sauce. add a dash of vinegar to taste (you may have to make a few batches of this sauce to serve 5).

Add ravioli to pan and coat them in the sauce.

Plate the ravioli in a bowl with plenty of sauce, generously grate over fresh Grana Padano ravioli and finish with fresh chopped chives.

Recipe provided by Anchovy Bandit