Seafood Poke - by Kobe Jones

Seafood Poke - by Kobe Jones


Poke Sauce:

400 ml soy
200 ml mirin
300 ml sesame oil
10 g shichimi

Seafood (sushi grade):

30 g Tuna
30 g Kingfish
30 g Salmon


10 g garlic chips
10 g avocado
10 g seaweed
Salad mix (your choice of leaves)



Combine all ingredients and set aside.


Cut tuna, kingfish and salmon into 1 cm cubes.

Combine all seafood in a bowl with the poke sauce.


As the photo depicts, you can wrap the seafood up in a banana leaf, however, for simplicity, serve on top of a seaweed and salad mix salad and garnish with avocado and garlic chips.

Recipe provided by Kobe Jones Melbourne

Photo Credits: Wow Productions

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