Seafood Poke - by Kobe Jones

Seafood Poke - by Kobe Jones


Poke Sauce:

400mL soy
200mL mirin
300mL sesame oil
10g shichimi

Seafood (sushi grade):

30g tuna
30g kingfish
30g salmon


10g garlic chips
10g avocado
10g seaweed
Salad mix (your choice of leaves)



Combine all ingredients and set aside.


Cut tuna, kingfish and salmon into 1cm cubes.

Combine all seafood in a bowl with the poke sauce.


As the photo depicts, you can wrap the seafood up in a banana leaf, however, for simplicity, serve on top of a seaweed and salad mix salad and garnish with avocado and garlic chips.

Credits: Kobe Jones

Photo Credits: Wow Productions

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