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Perfect Crispy Skin Barramandi - Chef Recipe by Guy Turland

Perfect Crispy Skin Barramandi - Chef Recipe by Guy Turland


Cone Bay barramundi portions
2 tbs oil
Salt and pepper


Start by gently patting the fish fillets dry with paper towels. If you want to take extra precautions, you can leave the fish fillets in the
fridge with the skin side up, uncovered, for an hour or even overnight.

Using a sharp knife, score the skin by making slashes. Cut 3-3 cuts, 1 cm apart, and make them about 2-3mm deep, cutting into the skin and slightly into the flesh.

Sprinkle both the flesh and skin of the fish with salt and pepper just before cooking

On the barbeque flat top, heat oil in a non-stick pan over medium to high heat until you see the first small wisps of smoke.

Place your fillets into the pan skin side down. Then, use your fingers or a spatula to press it down lightly for about 10 seconds.
This helps the skin seal flat against the hot surface.

Cook the skin side for 5-8 minutes until it becomes crispy in the centre and turns golden. You can lift up the fillet to check its progress. Flip your fillet and cook on the other side until your liking (5-8 minutes).

After cooking, transfer the fish to a rack with the skin side facing up. Allow it to rest for 3 minutes.

Serve with your favourite green salad or fresh green veggies.

Credits: Tassal Seafood

Photo Credits: Tassal Seafood